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Safety AMS. is proud to announce that it has received Consultant Engineer Moreover, Safety AMS. is proud to announce that it receive International Arbitration certification .
Our goal is to consistently meet each customer's refinements and expectations in an effective and efficient manner.

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Certifications Gained:
(1) Experience certificate in the field of maintenance and repair and fixing diesel and gasoline vehicles from army forces.
(2) Respecting certificate of the maintenance field.
(3) Certificate of management of wastwater treatment plant from Morrison Knudsen American company for training and management.
(4) Certificate of operation wastwater treatment plant, including:
First aids course.
Health, safety, & Environment course.
Fire fighting course.
Emergency plans course.
Environment law no.4 for 1994 course.
(5) Certificate of training OF trainers "TOT" from Morrrison Knudsen American company for training and management.
(6) Respecting letter on emergency and deadlock management from the American company.
(7) Certificate of basic course of (HSE) from safety institute, Cairo.
(8) (HSE) committee members certificate, which includes training on:
Work hazards (physical - mechanical - electrical).
First aids.
Methods of fire fighting.
Emergency plans.
(9) Definiteness courses certificates from the Arab Maritime Academy, Alexandria, which include:
Fire fighting and prevention coarse.
Personal safety & social responsibilities coarse.
Techniques of life salvage, & safety at sea coarse.
First aids coarse.
(10) Special courses from GUPCO company about:
(ASA) Advanced Safety Audit, ICC,H2S.
(RA) Risk Assessment.
(PTW) Permit To Work.
Helicopter Safety.
(11) Attending seminar about management of dangerous wastes from Environix company for management of environment systems.
(12) Training in fire fighting in AINSHAMS UNIVERSITY.
(13) Certificate of training in advanced Safety Cours for Health,Safety&Environment Specialist from National Institute for Occupational HEALTH &Safety.
(14) IMCA members (The Internaitional Marine Contractors Association).
(15) CERTIFICATE OF CONSULTANT ENGINEER in field of :Industrial engineering &projects industrial safety.
(16) contractor member of international marine contractor association diving and marine divisions(IMCA)
(17) OSHA disaster site worker training program
(18) OSHA general &construction (30 hr)
(19) OSHA HAZWOPER (40hr) training course
(20) internal auditor on OHASA 18001-1999
(21) internal auditor on ISO 9001-2000

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