When you deal with safetyams, you are dealing with a company that puts customer satisfaction above everything else. That's the way we like to do Consultation Engineering. We believe our top level professionalism, a great ability for innovation and a healthy customer centric approach to doing business.

Our highly experienced technical team is on the other end of the phone or fax machine. We aim to respond to your queries ASAP. How's that for peace of mind?

Previous work (previews and design of networks and Fire Insurance and environmental studies and systems safety and environment): -

Ahmadi Suisse for polyester fibers. (Suez)
Ismailia company to import and timber trade Khalifa Al Arabi. (Ismailia)
Nile Company for manufacturing industries. (BRP) City
SE WIRING company SYSTEM. (Port Said)
ALSHIHAB Dyeing & Finishing. (Tenth of Ramadan )
Osman Ahmed Osman group (paper sacks) factory. (Ismailia)
good hotel in Ismailia. (Ismailia)
Othman Complex - Farm fulfilled. (Ismailia)
fattening farm poultry. (Ismailia)
permissible feed factory. (Qantara Sharq)
Cooker warehouse. (Qantara Sharq)
my sweets and live bakery. (Big Hill)
the Middle East for mining investment company (kaolin ore concentrate) (Qantara Sharq)
Swedish lighting and electrical industries. (Ismailia)
peanut factory. (Big Hill)
semi slaughterhouse for poultry. (Ismailia)
Energy Supply and car service station. (West Qantara)
We Frost for cooling and freezing. (Ismailia)
Swedish manufacturer of precision grinding. (Qantara Sharq)
plant a product of paper sacks. (Ismailia)
olive pickling plant. (Egypt through -alasmaeilih)
Egyptian European Company for Energy Technology. (Ismailia)
sweetness factory Halva. (Ismailia)
Attourgokozmatik plant / factory Sandra Perfumes (Ismailia)
Service and Supply car station (Hassan Gulab). (Ismailia)
Nile Company for manufacturing Nile Converting Co. (BRP) City
Multi Pharma for pharmaceutical and chemical store. (Tourists -alqahrh)

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